Real time media transport with large cost savings

Traditionally, international broadcasting involved satellites and leased lines over submarine cables to deliver images from one country to another.  These are costly to implement and therefore expensive to use.

The internet has always been an attractive solution as it permeates across the globe and offers resiliency.  However, it also posed considerable challenges for broadcast delivery as packet drops translate to unacceptable picture disturbances.

In recent years, technology developments have allowed companies to use the open internet to deliver up to 4K resolution images.  Innovative transmission protocols that predict and address network behavior now makes the open internet a real and viable option.

Operational cost savings of 40-60%

Leveraging the open internet allows users to gain significant operational savings over existing solutions.  From our experience, this can be anywhere from 40%, and even up to 60%.

Robust and reliable services

The internet is the biggest network in the world and therefore offers resiliency for signal re-routing and self-healing.  With a bit of internet service provider (ISP) assessment, it is possible to provide services with Service Level Assurance (SLA) of even up to 99.999%.

Supports HD video and beyond

It can handle high definition, and even 4K images.  As the video signals are converted to IP packets, the network is future proofed for the next generation video standards. 

Low latency transmission

The use of advanced encoders and vetted ISPs can ensure low latencies comparable to satellite technology.  This makes it a viable option for broadcasting of live sports and events.

Lots of reasons to make the move

For broadcasters, the internet has been associated with low quality images and unreliable service.  However, our advanced delivery protocols now allows broadcasters to use the open internet to transmit high quality HD images in real time while reducing costs.

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