RedFig x MediaHub, challenging the status quo

The status quo is boring. And in content storage, it’s expensive and inflexible.

That’s why RedFig Networks and MediaHub have teamed up to challenge the status quo (think Amazon and Microsoft) with ArkHub, a new, flexible, affordable way for anyone in the world to store, archive and retrieve content.

From major broadcasters to law firms, ArkHub has been designed to handle literally any volume of data in its three secure and guaranteed always online data centres.

“All the major players have had outages recently – Microsoft, Google, AWS – you couldn’t access your data at all. Our guarantee is our system will never go down, it’s got that level of resilience built into it,” says Alan Sweeney, CEO of MediaHub, ArkHub’s parent company.

And more importantly, unlike the others, there are no surprise fees, with ArkHub offered for a flat monthly fee.

“If you use any of the public cloud providers you pay an ingress fee, then you pay a myriad of access fees as well.
Most companies think when they put data into their deep storage, they won’t touch it, but our research suggests the average retrieval rate is between 3% and 10%. That means a whole lot of unforeseen access fees for businesses,” Mr Sweeney says.

ArkHub was born out of MediaHub to service the needs of major broadcasters, whose data storage requirements are immense, but also need to be accessed quickly and often. This was achieved by offering broadcasters fibre connectivity directly into ArkHub’s three onshore Australian data centres.

But in order to make this enterprise level of storage volume, security and accessibility available beyond a direct fibre connection, ArkHub needed a web portal that was accessible by anyone, anywhere in the world.

That’s where RedFig Networks entered the frame.

“The potential market for ArkHub’s services is immense,” says RedFig Networks CEO and Joint MD, Peter Maniatis.

“We leveraged our experience in pulling together a range of technologies to enable ArkHub access to this global market through an online portal. Now, anyone with an internet connection anywhere in the world, can access ArkHub,” Mr Maniatis says.

The result is a hand-in-glove collaboration between two proudly Australian innovators in RedFig and MediaHub, challenging the status quo and opening up opportunities on a global scale.

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