ArkHub comes to RedFig Media

MediaHub Australia has launched ArkHub to provide a deep archive solution that meets all the needs and requirements of even the most security conscious enterprise level industries.  ArkHub offers 100% availability SLA and 14*9’s of durability.

ArkHub is 100% fully Australian with a 3-site concurrent redundancy and built to meet Australian Federal Government expectations on content security.  The ArkHub technical specifications match or exceed those of the major cloud storage vendors.

As a business partner, RedFig Media and CatonNet delivered the last-mile integration to HPE’s S3 object based storage for WebConnect Cydex, an accelerated and secure file transfer over the Internet.

RedFig Media can now offer ArkHub as a simple ‘fixed cost’ archival solution.   It is a storage only billing with no additional retrieval, early deletion, or any other hidden fees. 

Get in touch with us about your requirements and our cost calculator can show the expected savings.

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