Mobile Phones as the new TV Camera

Every once in a while, an event happens that forces a change in the way we do things.  The tsunami event of 2011 has made tapeless workflows the norm for just about all media companies as the tape factories were heavily impacted.   Similarly today with COVID-19, broadcasters have quickly adapted to conditions by producing “At-Home” created programs.

In part, the trend is enabled by the availability of ‘virtual meeting’ applications running on personal devices over broadband and mobile networks.  The built-in cameras are now capturing impressive images. Having the ability to preserve picture quality for live transmission is a significant development and made possible by our advanced protocol for use over 4G/5G and Wi-Fi. 

The convergence of having high quality phone cameras, widely available mobile networks, and a reliable transmission protocol creates an ideal condition to shift away from traditional workflows.  The merging of technologies are allowing mobile phones to be the new TV cameras.

Advanced and Robust Protocol

The R2TP protocol is unsurpassed in technical excellence on preserving packet integrity over dynamic and challenging Internet or 4G/5G conditions.  The result is a superior Quality of Experience for the users.

Our CatonPublisher and CatonPlayer enable “At-home” productions using Wi-Fi and 4G/5G networks for delivery.  It allows for high quality live capture and picture monitoring using Apple personal devices. 

Flexible Workflows

The solution allows for fully IP workflows, as well as a path to supporting legacy video equipment.  It also allows for direct to Internet delivery, social media broadcasting, and cloud-based distribution.

Scaling and Interoperability

The protocol interoperates with open source SRT and RIST protocols to prevent technology lock-ins.  The scaling of services is simple with the flexible Relay Server allowing for seamless management.  This allows users to get the best of both worlds. 

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