IP-based SFN Solution

One of the challenges facing both broadcasters and carriers are the scarcity of available frequency spectrum and bandwidth.  The continuing advancement to deploy new commercial services for both terrestrial and mobile TV services are contributing to the frequency resource shortage.   In addition, the cost of broadcast fees and licenses for frequency spectrum’s and bandwidths must be taken into account when operating a broadcast network.

An ip-based Single Frequency Network allows several transmitters to simultaneously send the same signal over the same frequency channel.  This extends the coverage area without the use of additional frequencies, and it also enables more efficient spectrum utilisation by allowing multiple carriers within the spectrum bandwidth.  Another SFN advantage is the decreased probability of outages in comparison to Multi-Frequency Networks.

All the transmitting stations must be synchronized for the TV program to remain timed without any echoing or signal delays.  Our IP-based SFN solution simplifies Single Frequency Networks with the Media Links MDP-3020 and ensures synchronization by providing precise bit rate stream accuracy via PTP.

PTP Timing

No GPS signals are required on the remote transmission sites.  A more cost-effective syncing method using IEEE PTP timing can be distributed over the physical layer.

Active-Active Protection

A dual network design with hardware and path redundancies will ensure a fully Active-Active fail-over protection.  In addition, an EMS system will provide assurance monitoring for both equipment and services.

Flexible and Affordable

A cost effective solution and protected with redundant power supplies to transmit multiple DVB-ASI and data signals in the same network.  On-board provisioning interface simplifies the configuration for the customer.

Single Frequency Networks enable transmission cost savings by reducing the amount of television spectrum that broadcast networks use for their services.  Multiplexing broadcast signals into a single frequency can enable a significant reduction in the use of spectrum assets.

The Media Links MDP-3020 provides a small form-factor SFN solution with PTP timing at the remote transmitter sites.  The availability of either in-band or out-band communications gives the NOC operators capability to provide network assurance, service activation, and remote trouble-shooting access.

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