Contribution WAN IP Networks

In the broadcast industry, WAN IP networks have emerged as the leading technology solution for transporting the highest quality media content.  The availability of terrestrial fibre infrastructures and the adoption of IT technologies for TV broadcast applications have formed the core of the next generation contribution network. 

Typical applications for a high bandwidth and high availability WAN IP network includes live event contribution, live sports, stadium-to-studio, and studio-to-studio connectivity, among others.  A contribution WAN IP network reduces the broadcast footprint and optimizes the venue resources.

Our WAN IP network solution for live event contribution offers significant cost advantages and operational simplicity over legacy and fragmented contribution technologies for critical broadcast applications.

Network Management and Assurance

A feature-rich set of alarms and traps provide the basis for providing service assurance and network health monitoring.  This allows operators to get a complete view of the entire network with tools to perform analysis.

Bit-Perfect Packet Delivery

Reliability is achieved with a mix of built-in hardware redundancies and hitless protection.  A resilient network design and fast fail-over switching capability provides an additional layer of protection to achieve a 99.999% level of reliability.

High Quality Compression Codecs

State-of-the-art compression technologies are utilized where required to deliver mathematically lossless images.  The JPEG2000 and low latency JPEG-XS compression codecs are industry proven and accepted in the highest quality video processing chains.

Standards Compliance

Adhering to the SMPTE-2022 group of specifications ensures openness and interoperability with other compliant equipment manufacturers.  It allows for end-to-end IP workflows to gain operational efficiencies and cost optimisation.

The Media Links products are production proven with a hard earned pedigree in providing robust contribution services for high profile sporting events.  The MDP3020 is the latest addition to the family of products and is ideal for small port count contribution applications.

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