Video Transmission over the Internet

The current pandemic conditions are forcing broadcasters to take stock and reassess operations.  The pressure to find cost reductions becomes a priority for businesses as projected revenue streams are being severely affected.

Today’s cost-sensitive climate has fast-forwarded a movement towards leveraging the open internet for broadcasting applications.  This includes transport connectivity for contribution and distribution applications for both domestic and international markets. 

Our video transmission over the Internet solution will extend the reach of any network and comes with service reliability to give the customers ‘peace of mind’. 

Webinar: High Quality Live Broadcasting over the Open Internet
Date: August 26, 2020
Time: 2:00pm AEST

Presented by:
Daniel Healey – CatonNet
Director of Channel Partners

Reliability SLA’s

The Internet being used for ‘best effort’ services is now a distant past.  Advanced protocols and improving networks are combining to provide the service robustness that broadcasters want.  Services are offered with reliability SLA’s of up to 99.99%.

Protocol Interoperability

There are now a number of ‘over-internet’ protocols for the customers to choose from.  Being able to choose the best one for your needs while being able to interoperate with other protocols will bring the best of both worlds.


A pathway from a single service to multiple services removes the risk of having a high initial layout.  Furthermore, scaling up can be achieved with zero impact to existing services.

Legacy Equipment

The ‘over-internet’ protocol can be extended to existing legacy equipment with a low cost and small form factor appliance.  Simply install at the output and it is ready for protected IP delivery over the Internet.


The user logins are password protected and dynamic AES-256 encryption is an option to encrypt the data.  In addition, HTTPS allows for secure communications over the Internet to access the client.

Our CatonNet R2TP Engine is engineered for video transmission over the Internet. It is an industry proven protocol that delivers unsurpassed transmission stability and performance over any network, regardless of distance or line quality.

View clip that compares R2TP against RTP and SRT

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