Accelerated File Transfers

Businesses of today are continuously generating large amounts of data.  The present day ‘work from home’ conditions means that even more data are being created from disparate locations.  For a lot of enterprise level industries, there will be a need for accelerated file transfer solutions to send data between locations, fast, reliably and securely!

Using an over-internet file delivery application allows users to send data across to almost anywhere in the world.  This is regardless of file type and file size, and therefore applicable to any business.  And just as importantly, it must be easy-to-use.

Fast and Reliable File Transfer

Our solution uses a proprietary F2TP transfer protocol that accelerates file transfers over the open Internet.  It uses adaptive algorithms and real-time monitoring of network conditions to overcome high network latency and packet loss to provide significantly faster file transfers than FTP.

Highest Data Security

The solution uses the proprietary protocol as a layer of security and also uses dynamic AES-256 encoding for maximum data protection.  The client logins are password protected to ensure sensitive materials remain secure.

Automated Transfer Tracking

All transfers are captured and a transfer report can be filtered to show activities.  Details include; per company usage, sender, recipient, transfer status, bytes transferred, and all in a custom definable date and time range.  

No Consumption Costs

The file transfer solution do not have unexpected variable costs.  It is a fixed cost model with no per MB consumption charges or any other additional charges.  This will allow businesses to accurately forecast the cost of operations.

Our Caton Cydex accelerated file transfer solution allows for maximum usage of any network to give the fastest transmission of files regardless of distance or network quality.  The file transfer performance meets the daily requirement of broadcasters, enterprises, educational institutions, and companies of all sizes.

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